Tips for Caterers

Support from caterers is essential to implementing the University’s food waste reduction initiatives and cultivating a ‘waste less’ culture on campus.


Menu Design

  1. Consider not serving side dishes or adding garnishes.
  2. Get to know the preferences of your consumers, and prepare dishes for them in the way they like it.
  3. Provide vegetarian dishes in the menu for vegetarians. Serve different types of meat for diners who do not consume a particular meat type.
  4. Use less perfect-looking vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

Provide Options

  1. Reduce the standard portion of rice if you see that rice is being left over by diners.
  2. Offer different rice portions or incentives to encourage diners with small appetites to ask for less rice.
  3. For Chinese banquets, avoid providing a large bowl of rice or noodles for refilling on each table.


  1. Store and consume food items based on the ‘First in, First out’ principle.
  2. Get to know customers’ demand patterns so as to avoid overstocking. For example, order and stock less food during term breaks.
  3. Use unconsumed rice and trimming from vegetables to make fried rice, soup or other dishes.
  4. Recycle food waste whenever possible.
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