Campus Planning Committee

Chairman: Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor
Members: One College Head/Master nominated by AAPC
Professor Wong Wing Shing
Nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
Professor P.C. Ching, Professor of Electronic Engineering 
Professor David J. Dernie, Director, School of Architecture  
Professor Gladys Tang, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
Vice-President (Administration) and University Secretary (ex-officio)
Mr Eric S.P. Ng
Registrar (ex-officio)
Ms Kitty Yu
Director of Campus Development (ex-officio)
Mr Fung Siu Man
A student representative from the Student Union of CUHK
To be nominated
Member and Secretary: Mrs Cecilia Lam, Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
Under-Secretary: Ms Pam Liu, Manager, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office

The Campus Planning Committee will take up an active role to advise the Vice-Chancellor on campus planning. It will also operate as the planning committee for the Council Committee on Campus Planning and Building and deal with all matters relating to the campus master development plan, including building proposals and programmes and utilization of space and facilities. It will oversee the Building Committees established for each new building and major extension of building, determine sites and appoint external project managers and project architects on their recommendation. 

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