1. Competent Green Office
  • Fulfilment of all mandatory actions listed on the GO! Checklist
    CategoryNo. of Actions
    (i) Energy Conservation 3
    (ii) Waste Reduction 2
    (iii) Paper Reduction 2
    (iv) Sustainable Procurement 2
    (v) Sustainable Event Management 2
    (vi) Awareness and Engagement 1
    (vii) Workplace Health and Wellness NA
    (viii) Innovation NA
    Total 12
  • The names of those offices recognized as a Competent Green Office will be posted on the GO! webpage.
  • Those offices recognized as Competent Green Office are eligible for competing for the awards listed in 2-5 below.
2. Certificate of Merit
3. Gold Award
4. Platinum Award
5. Category awards

GO! Green Award 2021

Winning Offices Announced

We are proud to announce that over 120 CUHK offices ramped up their efforts to make sustainability and SDGs the essential parts of their daily operation over the past year. Hard work pays off!  In the Green Office Programme ('GO!') 2021, these CUHK offices are recognised as and awarded with:

  • Competent Green Offices (105 offices)
  • Certificate of Merit (39 offices)
  • Gold Award (19 offices)
  • Platinum Award (7 offices)
  • Category Awards (16 offices)

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