CUHK’s Initiation of Smart Campus

Smart city development is a continuing process, and turning Hong Kong into a smart city requires the support and involvement of the whole community.  University campuses, as important components of smart cities, are no exception.  The creation of a smart CUHK campus will benefit the wider community by enabling the realization of innovative and sustainable solutions that will make all our lives better.

The ‘smartness’ of a campus is defined not only by its level of technological sophistication but also by its capacity to exploit information and communications technology (ICT) to optimize operational efficiency and enable new experiences among different stakeholders, including staff, students and alumni.  A smart campus should be people-centred, offering solutions built upon the needs of the stakeholders for application in two main areas: campus buildings and environment, and personal and collective campus experience.

Research, Education and Engagement: The Smart CUHK Challenge

A smart university campus will serve as a living laboratory for researchers to transfer the knowledge they create and for students to learn and explore new ideas.  To transform CUHK into a smart campus, the University will continue to test and deploy innovative technologies on campus and pursue new services and applications. 

To this end, the University has recently launched its first smart campus initiative, namely The Smart CUHK Challenge, with the following main elements:

  1. Smart Campus Solutions Competition;
  2. Knowledge exchange; and
  3. Publicity and collaborations.

Responsibility for implementing The Smart CUHK Challenge rests with the Task Force on Smart CUHK Campus.

Intended Outcomes and Beneficiaries

Intended OutcomesBeneficiaries

An opportunity for those who are interested in the topic to take on an active role in addressing scientifically challenging problems related to the building of a smart campus

  • Students
  • Advisors of student projects

Innovative ideas, solutions and creations related to the building of a smart campus made possible by a multidisciplinary approach

  • Students
  • Advisors of student projects
  • All campus users

A two-way interaction platform for CUHK students and staff to share with the community (e.g. the school sector, businesses, NGOs) their ideas, solutions and creations to inspire more actions, and for them to benefit from external perspectives through discussions and debates

  • Academic, research and professional staff
  • Students
  • All campus users
  • The wider community

Realization of a tertiary institution's responsibility to the ideals of research and scholarship by offering innovative smart living solutions which can make a difference both on campus and in the wider community

  • CUHK
  • The wider community
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