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About Us

Our Approach to Sustainable Development

CUHK takes a holistic and strategic approach for integrating sustainability into our future developments and daily operation.  This approach is largely defined by:

1. The Campus Master Plan (CMP)

The CMP provides the guiding framework, founded on the principles of sustainable development, to align decision-making and chart the course of campus development and conservation up to 2021.  Six vital and interdependent planning precepts were defined in CMP to guide the campus development:

  • Planning and Design of places for education and research activities, that accommodate the projected future needs of the University
  • Enhancing college life, by enabling the formation of distinct college neighbourhoods, and enhancing communication and sharing of amenity facilities
  • Promoting a pedestrian-friendly campus, with improved connectivity that prioritises walking, minimises reliance on vehicles and optimises campus transport facilities
  • Conserving places of value, enhancing the green environment of the campus while conserving places with unique value
  • Creating a landscape of vital importance, creating a network of open spaces that relate directly with existing and proposed university buildings
  • Making a sustainable campus, with reduced dependence on the earth's natural resources and a reduction in per capita greenhouse gas emissions

Read more about The Campus Master Plan (WebsiteExecutive Summary; Full Version)

2. Charters, Declarations and Programmes
3. Strategic Partnership
4. Membership
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