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Planning and Managing Fitting-out and Renovation Projects: A Guide to Users

  1. The construction or fitting-out of a new building and the renovation of an existing facility on campus require careful and strategic planning in order to minimize the impact on the staff and students' daily activities, while adhering to CUHK's academic priorities and financial goals.  The Campus Development Office (CDO), the Estates Management Office (EMO) and the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office (SRSDO) each plays a role in ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient implementation of those fitting-out and renovation projects and the maximization of campus space efficiency.
  1. When a University unit (user) needs professional advice on space utilization, it should first approach CDO who plays a role in advising on campus development and planning.
  1. In planning for and managing fitting-out and renovation projects (including but not limited to those approved or supported by the Committee on Space Allocation or the Committee on Minor Works), as endorsed by the Administrative Affairs Committee in January 2019, users are advised to approach CDO or EMO in accordance with the project types as detailed in the table below.
 Project Type

Office to Approach


Capital projects (irrespective of project amount)



Alterations, Additions, Repairs and Improvements (AA&I) projects (irrespective of project amount)


Hospital Authority (HA) buildings-related projects (irrespective of project amount)


Other projects worth over $5M [N1, N2]


Projects worth up to $5M [N2] (excluding capital, AA&I and HA buildings-related projects)




CDO may exercise discretion in handling projects worth below $5M.


$5M refers to the costs of works and the normal service fees of CDO or EMO charged to the project vote but does not include consultancy fee if any. For more information about consultancy fee, please check out the webpages of CDO and EMO.

  1. In implementation, the Directors of CDO and EMO, taking into consideration all relevant factors at the time and in consultation with the Vice-President (Administration), may exercise discretion in handling projects of different types or values.


CDO: cdo@cuhk.edu.hk
EMO: emo@cuhk.edu.hk
SRSDO: srsdo@cuhk.edu.hk

(January 2021)

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